Mysterious Malware Infects 30,000 Apple Computers (Don’t Panic!)

A new strain of malware is infecting Apple computers, and it can’t be removed.

“Silver Sparrow” has been found on both Intel processor-based Macs as well as the newer models with the company’s proprietary M1 chips. 30,000 computers in 153 countries have it so far, with most of them in Europe and the US.

The malware has spread rapidly, seems to use a few tricks previously unseen in other macOS-based malware, and communicates with a remote server once an hour to look for new instructions. Researchers have not yet been able to determine what this malware does.

Now for the good news:

  • We don’t know what Silver Sparrow does. Yes, that news cuts both ways.

Until malware experts are able to fully grasp the potential threat posed by Silver Sparrow, it should not be elevated above “threat of the day” status.

Originally published at on February 22, 2021.



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